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sisteme complete de ventilatie si climatizare

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Cheie clichet CT-122       Cheie clichet 4 dimensiuni: 1/4", 3/8", 3/16" si 5/18"   Cheie clichet 4 dimensiuni: 1/4", 3/8",3/16" si cheie clichet

Ventilator Axial AntiEx Sodeca HCDF-25-4T/ATEX xd

Descriere : Ventilatoare de Perete AntiEx | Ventilatoare Antiex Axiale Sodeca  Debit de aer (mc/h) : 890  Putere (kW) : 0,09  RPM (r/min) : 1370  Producator: Sodeca - cheie clichet

Control Centralizat EW-50

• “Black Box” version (no display). • Compact dimensions (external 230V AC power supply). • Usable to manage 50 groups for a total of up to 50 indoor units. • Individual or collective group cheie clichet